Index of /public/ftp/pub/Linux/X11/demos

../                      Parent directory
!INDEX.html              Long index format
HElliZER.tgz             portable graphics/multimedia demo, entirely in C++
kodo-0.1.tar.gz          Measure your Desktop Milage!
lum-0.1b.tar.gz          Sexy alien Lum will sit on your current "focus" window
oneko-1.1b.tar.gz        a cat chases your cursor around the screen
qrash.tgz                successor to HElliZER
sailormars-0.8.tar.gz    an anime-style screenmate
sailormars-v0.2.tar.gz   an anime-style screenmate
scale.c                  demonstrates X's tone-playing facility
sortinginaction-0.0.5.tar.gz X11 graphical demo of sorting algorithms
vector-0.05p1.tar.gz     rotates 3d cube in X root window
xacursor1.0.tar.gz       change or animate the X11 cursor
xantfarm-1.16.tgz        makes ants dig up your root window
xball.tar.gz             physics demo with elasticity/gravity/collision
xfishtank-2.1tp.tar.gz   xfishtank2.0-truecolor.tar.gz Turns your root window into an aquarium
xgas.tar.gz              simulate an ideal gas
xhangglider-0.92d.tar.gz Make gliders fly in the root window
xodo-1.2.tar.gz          tracks how far your mouse has travelled
xoj-1.0.tgz              O.J. Simpson chase simulator
xroach-4.0.tar.gz        Displays disgusting cockroaches on your root X window
xscdemo.tar.gz           rotating cube demo

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