Index of /public/ftp/pub/linux/X11/desktop

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!INDEX.html              Long index format
DeBoX-1.3.1.deb          DeBox creates a lean desktop for Debian based distros.
FileRunner-2.5.tar.gz    filemanager with built-in FTP capabilities
GREAT-0.92.STATIC.tar.gz X-Motif desktop for Linux
OffiX-2.1.ELF.tgz        X desktop with drag-and-drop interface
OffiX-2.1.src.tgz        Offix desktop sources
Oscar-linuxELF-0.82.tar.gz ELF binaries of Oscar filemanager
QtButtons-1.0.tar.gz     Qt-based one-click program launcher for Linux
X-Files-1.41b.tar.gz     Filemanager for X-Window system, allows fileops for zip and tar files
antiright-2.0-pre12.tar.gz AntiRight is a lightweight desktop environment for Motif/LessTif.
bxfm-bin.0.1.tar.gz      ??
bxfm-src.0.1.tar.gz      ??
chbg-1.5.tgz             simple program for managing desktop background pictures
coolicon-3.5.5.Linux.ELF.tar.gz X window icon manager/application launcher.
dfm-0.9.1.tar.gz         WPS-like Desktop Manager
dfm-beta.1.tar.gz        beta of a desktop manager for X
dfm-beta.4.tar.gz        OS/2 WPS-like Desktop Manager
dogsbody01.tgz           Tcl/Tk desktop with multiple text editors and rxvts X11 based File Manager
fileman-1.1.tar.gz       X11 based File Manager
fof-0.99a-beta-i386LinuxElf-shared.tar.gz ELF shared binaries of FOF
fof-0.99a-beta-i386LinuxElf-static.tar.gz static ELF shared binaries of FOF
fof-0.99a-beta-sources.tar.gz Fred's Own Filemanager sources
freedomdesktop.bin.tar.gz binaries for the Freedom desktop
freedomlite.bin.tar.gz   powerful desktop environment for Unix (
fshell-0.7.tar.gz        minimalistic and "non-bloated" file manager
jafm-0.5.tar.gz          an icon-based X11 desktop file manager
krootpict-0.2.1.tar.gz   Desktop wallpaper changer
kvncviewer-0.0.3.tar.gz  A VNC viewer for the KDE Project
llnlxdir1.0.tar.gz       file manager with FTP, statically linked w/Motif
mfm-1.3.tar.gz           file & desktop manager statically linked w/Motif
pfm-1.0.tgz              filemanager for X based on OSF/Motif
svncviewer-0.1.1.tar.gz  SVGA vnc client with German keyboard mapping
systemg-1.0.1.glibc2_0.bin.tgz UNIX file manager for X
systemg-1.0.1.glibc2_1.bin.tgz UNIX file manager for X
tkdesk-1.2.bin.ELF.static.tar.gz desktop with drag'n'drop, many features [static ELF binaries]
tkdesk-1.2.bin.ELF.tar.gz Tcl/Tk desktop with drag'n'drop, many features
tkdesk-1.2.bin.common.tar.gz Tcl/Tk desktop with drag'n'drop, many features
tkdesk-1.2.tar.gz        Tcl/Tk desktop with drag'n'drop, many features
tycoon-1.07o.tar.gz      desktop utility with OffiX Drag-and-Drop support
x3arth-1.1.tar.bz2       The latest hi-res satellite views of earth as background image in the root window
xdesk2-2.taz             semi-automates mass file actions
xdrop.tar.gz             OpenLook program launcher with drag'n'drop
xfm-1.3.2.tar.gz         ??
xfm-1.4.2p5.tar.gz       ??
xgrou13-bin.tar.gz       ??
xgrou13.tar              ??
xkhfm-v1.0.bin.linux.tgz ??
xkhfm-v1.0.src.tgz       ??
xnc-5.0.4.src.tar.gz     X Northern Captain - filemanager for X Window.
xplore-0.99h.tar.gz      yet another X11/Motif-based file manager
xplore-1.1.tar.gz        yet another X11/Motif-based file manager

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