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Contents of README:

This package contains the translation into Spanish of the English man-pages
package. It is a beta release, so you can still find a lot of bugs.
Contributions are welcome. For any doubt or suggestion, or
to collaborate with the project, send an e-mail to the project coordinator:
Juan Piernas Cánovas <piernas@ditec.um.es>.

An archive of the currently available man pages in
Spanish can be found at http://www.ditec.um.es/~piernas/manpages-es/


"make install" will just copy them to /usr/man/es/man[1-8],
where man-1.5 will find them if you set LANG=es_ES. (NOTE: some old
distributions will need to set LANG=es).

"make" will move the pages from this package that are older than
the already installed ones to a subdirectory `not_installed',
then remove old versions (compressed or not), and finally copy them
to /usr/man/es/man[1-8].

If your man pager can handle compressed source pages
(man-1.5 can), you might do "make gz" or "make bz2" before "make install",
or just say "make allgz" or "make allbz".

Note that you may have to remove preformatted pages.

Note that sometimes these pages are duplicates of pages also distributed in
other packages. This has been reported about passwd.5 and mailaddr.7. Be
careful not to overwrite more up-to-date versions. Reports on further
duplicates are welcome. Formerly present and now removed duplicates:

	*_module.2, get_kernel_syms.2 (found in modutils-2.1.*),
	 exports.5 (found in nfs-server-2.2*),
	 fstab.5, nfs.5 (found in util-linux-2.9*).


We must configure our language and man program to see in Spanish man pages
which are translated.

To select Spanish as language, we must add the next line to our
~/.bash_profile file:

        export LANG=es_ES

For man program apropiately displaying acute vowels, "ñ" and other spanish
characters, we must modify its configuration file, maybe /etc/man.config,
and replace the line

        NROFF           /usr/bin/groff -Tascii -mandoc
        NROFF           /usr/bin/groff -Tlatin1 -mandoc

and the line

        NEQN            /usr/bin/geqn -Tascii
        NEQN            /usr/bin/geqn -Tlatin1

If you use "less" as your pager then make sure the variable
LESSCHARSET=latin1, otherwise your pager will not be able to
handle the spanish character set.

Also, make sure to load a font which is able to handle the spanish character
set executing, for example, 
	/usr/bin/consolechars -f /usr/lib/kbd/consolefonts/lat1u-16.psf.gz
in one of your initialization shell scripts.


The following files have not been translated:
	- iso_8859-2.7
	- iso_8859-7.7
	- mdoc.7
	- mdoc.samples.7


These man pages come under various copyrights.
All are freely distributable when the nroff source is included.

(C) 1997-2000. The PAMELI project translators

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