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What you'll find here: support for SoundBlaster, PRO-16, GUS, etc

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16synth.patch.gz (LSM entry) (LSM entry) (LSM entry) (LSM entry?) (LSM entry) (LSM entry?) (LSM entry) (LSM entry) (LSM entry) (LSM entry) (LSM entry) 1996-01-12
voxware patch to let sbpro play 16 bit data (1307 bytes)
AudioExcelDSP16-2.0.35.diff (LSM entry) 1998-10-22
configuration for Audio Excel DSP 16 sound card (84851 bytes)
VoxWare-3.0.1.tar.gz (LSM entry) 1995-08-12
VoxWare sound driver (248378 bytes)
gus_max-1.1.83.patch (LSM entry?) 1995-01-20
patch to compile 1.1.83 w/ gus max support (2477 bytes)
linux-pss-soundcard.patch 1994-10-05
patch to initialize pss chips correctly (3374 bytes)
mpu401-0.2.tar.gz (LSM entry) 1995-08-07
driver for Roland MPU-401 compatible MIDI interfaces (116727 bytes)
msnd-2.101.tar.gz (LSM entry?) (README) 1995-06-16
Un*x/Linux AD/DA-driver for MultiSound/Tahiti/Monterey (43316 bytes)
nsm-truesound-decoder-1.2.2.tar.gz (LSM entry) 1997-10-10
driver for the NSM TrueSound Decoder card (31769 bytes)
pcsnd-1.3.55-diff.gz 1996-01-08
pc speaker driver for 1.3.55 (30822 bytes)
pcsp-patch-1.2.13.tgz (LSM entry) 1996-02-05
PC speaker patch for 1.2.13 (25276 bytes)
pcsp.1.3.79.diff.gz (LSM entry) 1996-04-04
PC speaker patch for 1.3.79 (4291 bytes)
sam9407-1.0.4.tar.gz (LSM entry) 2003-01-23
Device driver for sam9407 based soundcards (255421 bytes)
snd-data-0.1.tar.Z 1994-07-12
data files (398597 bytes)
snd-driv-2.5.tar.gz (README) (README) 1994-07-12
sound driver version 2.5 (132155 bytes)
snd-driv-2.90.patch1.gz (README) (README) 1994-07-20
bug fix to 2.90 (812 bytes)
snd-driv-2.90.patch2.gz (README) (README) 1994-07-20
bug fix to 2.90 (4938 bytes)
snd-driv-2.90.tar.gz (README) (README) 1994-07-15
BETA version of the sound driver (204492 bytes)
snd-util-2.4.tar.gz (LSM entry) (README) (README) 1994-07-12
misc utilties for version 2.4 (linux <= 1.0) (73266 bytes)
snd-util-2.5.tar.gz (LSM entry) (README) (README) 1994-07-12
utilities for version 2.5 (60162 bytes)
snd-util-3.0.tar.gz (LSM entry) (README) (README) 1995-10-03
utilities for version 3.0 (linux 1.3.x) (60489 bytes)

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