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bbsconsole-0.02.src.tar.gz A (curses) sysop administration console for Falken
brothel-1.1b.bin.i386.tar.gz An 'adult' oriented door module for Falken
dosdoor-1.0.src.tar.gz   A module for Falken to let you run DOS door games with DOSEMU
falkenbbs-11.02.bin.i386.glibc.tar.gz The utltimate BBS package for Linux - Doors, Messages, Files
fbbs.fingerd-1.0.src.tar.gz A Finger Daemon to show online users via a finger client
nuq-0.99.src.tar.gz      A new user questionairre door for Falken BBS
qtc-1.3b3.src.tar.gz     A Teleconference Module for Falken BBS Systems
suspension-1.0.src.tar.gz Will let you temporarily suspend users who are annoying you
vbooth-1.0.src.tar.gz    A Voting Booth Module for Falken BBS
wofalken-1.05.src.tar.gz A Wheel of Fortune clone for Falken BBS

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