Index of /public/ftp/pub/linux/utils/file/managers

../                      Parent directory
!INDEX.html              Long index format
mc/                      Midnight Commander file manager
deco.bin.tgz             Norton Commander type shell             dir tree navigator and program launcher
gc3.doc                  documentation for gc
gc33pl5.tgz              Norton Comander-like programmable file manager
gc3l.tgz                 pc-tools type of program for unix
gentoo-0.11.18.tar.gz    modern, powerful, flexible, and utterly configurable file manager for UNIX systems
git-4.3.7.tar.gz         file system browser for UNIX systems
hm-3.1.tar.gz            Multiplatform cursesbased filemanager
lxt-0.0.3w.tar.gz        linuXtree is a file manager for linux that looks kind of like the XtreePro program for dos.
ncd1_205.tgz             interactive fullscreen directory browser
playlist-0.2.tar.gz      Generates playlists for a directory tree of mp3 files
sfm-1.7.bin.i386.dynamic.tgz a simple file manager
sfm-1.7.src.tgz          a simple file manager
shotgun1.1b.tar.gz       graphical file manager/program launcher based on svgalib
uc-1.5.aout.gz           Unix Cockpit file manager (shareware) [bin]
uc-1.5.elf.gz            Unix Cockpit file manager (shareware) [bin]
utree-bin.tar.gz         Fullscreen filesystem utility
vfu-4.05.tar.gz          console (text mode) file manager for UNIX
vsh.tar.gz               simple visual shell
ytree-1.73.tar.gz        ytree is a nifty filemanager similar to xtree
zselx-1.1-1.11.patch     patch for zselx-1.1
zselx-1.1.tar.gz         interactively select several files nd run a command with the files as args

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