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Contents of README:
This is version 2.5a of Snefru.  Version 2.5a implements
the same algorithm as Versions 2.0, 2.1, 2.2, and 2.3.
Version 2.5a allows 8 passes, and includes the necessary
tables for 8 passes.  The use of 4 passes for production
use is not recommended at this time.  While 4 pass Snefru
has not been broken as of 90.11.30, the use of additional
passes seems advisable in view of the break of 2 pass Snefru.
Snefru reads from the standard input, hashes whatever is
read, and writes the hash result (in hex) to the standard output.

While 2.5a has not been optimized for speed, it should
provide reasonable performance.  At the same time, the
implementation should be relatively easy to understand.

One C source file has been provided:  snefru.c

To compile, simply say:

cc -o snefru snefru.c

The shell script "testSnefru" is provided, along with the
correct output values in "correctSnefruOutput".  Simply execute
testSnefru to test the hash function.

To generate a version of Snefru that produces 256-bit output, say:

cc -o snefru256 -DOUTPUT_BLOCK_SIZE=8 snefru.c

To test this version, execute the shell file "testSnefru256".

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