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gusdj-0.1.tar.gz         disables the joystick interface on any GUS revision 3.4 or higher
opti925to929.tar.gz      sets OPTi 925-based soundcards into OPTi 929 compatibility
sb16agc.c                enable/disable auto-gain control on a Soundblaster 16
setvol-1.1.tar.gz        command-line utility for playing with sound card settings
sgbas16cfg-0.1.tar.gz    utility for configuring Aztech Sound Galaxy Basic 16 cards
volume-2.1.tar.gz        sets speaker volumes
xoskope.0.1.0.bin.tar.gz Soundcard Oscilloscope Software for X11. Uses xforms libraries.
xvgen-0.3.tgz            Xvgen generates a pure tone or white noise via your sound card

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