Morphix & Autobuilding

This autobuild repository is made possible thanks to ibiblio

"If you want to bake an apple pie from scratch, you must first create the universe." - C. Sagan

(17-03-06) Autobuilds are being built once again

Every night, a number of build machines create and upload Morphix modules and cd images. Ment primarily for debugging and testing, all builds are accompanied by a log file, containing the output of the whole build process.

These builds are then tested using the fast processor emulator - QEMU. These videos help debugging. Also as the videos are small in size it is useful to have a look before downloading the iso and mainmods.


Combined ISOs

Please see and the morphix wiki for more info. Please note that any build can and probably will fail, eat your cat or set your house on fire.

Builds are removed after a few days, aren't official or supported, but we welcome fixes and improvements to any of these: this is the main reason we are autobuilding the various modules. Build-names correspond with the mmaker templates in CVS.

Current build boxen

We aren't able to build and upload every main module we have templates for. If you have a Morphix or Debian server with a local mirror and lots of bandwidth, you can help us out!


Want to start autobuilding your own modules? Or a whole Morphix Live CD? Then head on over to our package repository, install morphix-mmaker and read the documentation available in that package, on the website and on the wiki. It isn't hard to set up, however for speed reasons a local debian mirror is very useful. Using the latest and greatest Debian packages together with mmaker will let you create self-made Morphix-based Live CD's.