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[DIR] Parent Directory - [TXT] Changes.20170104.txt 06-Jan-2017 11:04 26K [TXT] Changes.20170109.txt 10-Jan-2017 14:50 24K [TXT] Changes.20170110.txt 11-Jan-2017 15:02 45K [TXT] Changes.20170112.txt 15-Jan-2017 10:42 25K [TXT] Changes.20170117.txt 18-Jan-2017 13:10 24K [TXT] Changes.20170118.txt 19-Jan-2017 12:26 20K [TXT] Changes.20170120.txt 21-Jan-2017 11:45 39K [TXT] Changes.20170121.txt 23-Jan-2017 11:45 2.4K [TXT] Changes.20170123.txt 24-Jan-2017 11:54 19K [TXT] Changes.20170124.txt 26-Jan-2017 11:42 12K [TXT] Changes.20170125.txt 27-Jan-2017 10:00 51K [TXT] Changes.20170127.txt 28-Jan-2017 13:14 23K [TXT] Changes.20170128.txt 29-Jan-2017 10:31 9.9K [TXT] Changes.20170129.txt 30-Jan-2017 10:28 17K [TXT] Changes.20170130.txt 01-Feb-2017 01:33 3.8K [TXT] Changes.20170131.txt 01-Feb-2017 12:59 96K [TXT] Changes.20170201.txt 02-Feb-2017 22:34 9.9K [TXT] Changes.20170203.txt 04-Feb-2017 22:53 15K [TXT] Changes.20170204.txt 05-Feb-2017 20:48 6.0K [TXT] Changes.20170205.txt 06-Feb-2017 20:56 4.6K [TXT] Changes.20170206.txt 07-Feb-2017 16:52 5.6K [TXT] Changes.20170207.txt 08-Feb-2017 21:25 8.1K [TXT] Changes.20170208.txt 09-Feb-2017 12:27 44K [TXT] Changes.20170209.txt 10-Feb-2017 14:41 6.2K [TXT] Changes.20170211.txt 11-Feb-2017 23:13 29K [TXT] Changes.20170212.txt 13-Feb-2017 12:47 753 [TXT] Changes.20170213.txt 14-Feb-2017 13:45 32K [TXT] Changes.20170214.txt 15-Feb-2017 14:50 8.6K [TXT] Changes.20170215.txt 16-Feb-2017 16:48 7.6K [TXT] Changes.20170216.txt 17-Feb-2017 20:13 26K [TXT] Changes.20170218.txt 18-Feb-2017 21:12 4.3K [TXT] Changes.20170219.txt 20-Feb-2017 04:34 38K [TXT] Changes.20170224.txt 24-Feb-2017 19:16 121K [TXT] Changes.20170225.txt 27-Feb-2017 09:35 7.4K [TXT] Changes.20170226.txt 27-Feb-2017 16:41 14K [TXT] Changes.20170227.txt 01-Mar-2017 08:39 145K [TXT] Changes.20170228.txt 02-Mar-2017 01:14 1.6K [TXT] Changes.20170302.txt 03-Mar-2017 18:10 16K [TXT] Changes.20170303.txt 04-Mar-2017 11:00 45K [TXT] Changes.20170304.txt 05-Mar-2017 12:41 1.4K [TXT] Changes.20170305.txt 07-Mar-2017 19:11 32K [TXT] Changes.20170308.txt 08-Mar-2017 18:25 2.3K [TXT] Changes.20170309.txt 10-Mar-2017 23:03 19K [TXT] Changes.20170310.txt 12-Mar-2017 00:49 33K [TXT] Changes.20170311.txt 13-Mar-2017 12:57 11K [TXT] Changes.20170314.txt 15-Mar-2017 00:33 109K [TXT] Changes.20170315.txt 16-Mar-2017 09:57 38K [TXT] Changes.20170316.txt 17-Mar-2017 13:27 31K [TXT] Changes.20170317.txt 20-Mar-2017 13:30 1.3K [TXT] Changes.20170318.txt 21-Mar-2017 11:43 43K [TXT] Changes.20170320.txt 22-Mar-2017 09:59 26K [TXT] Changes.20170322.txt 24-Mar-2017 01:32 149K [TXT] Changes.20170324.txt 27-Mar-2017 12:23 3.4K [TXT] Changes.20170328.txt 29-Mar-2017 16:03 58K [TXT] Changes.20170329.txt 31-Mar-2017 10:49 14K [TXT] Changes.20170331.txt 03-Apr-2017 07:21 13K [TXT] Changes.20170403.txt 05-Apr-2017 13:36 7.8K [TXT] Changes.20170406.txt 07-Apr-2017 19:57 4.8K [TXT] Changes.20170407.txt 11-Apr-2017 09:53 25K [TXT] Changes.20170413.txt 14-Apr-2017 12:06 71K [TXT] Changes.20170414.txt 15-Apr-2017 15:56 5.5K [TXT] Changes.20170417.txt 18-Apr-2017 19:01 210K [TXT] Changes.20170418.txt 20-Apr-2017 09:35 6.9K [TXT] Changes.20170419.txt 21-Apr-2017 09:29 23K [TXT] Changes.20170420.txt 24-Apr-2017 11:50 17K [TXT] Changes.20170424.txt 25-Apr-2017 17:47 11K [TXT] Changes.20170425.txt 27-Apr-2017 15:40 30K [TXT] Changes.20170426.txt 28-Apr-2017 11:46 824 [TXT] Changes.20170503.txt 04-May-2017 15:06 136K [TXT] Changes.20170505.txt 07-May-2017 20:55 21K [TXT] Changes.20170510.txt 16-May-2017 14:53 124K [TXT] Changes.20170516.txt 17-May-2017 15:57 111K [TXT] Changes.20170521.txt 22-May-2017 10:39 70K [TXT] Changes.20170522.txt 24-May-2017 13:12 46K [TXT] Changes.20170524.txt 26-May-2017 17:01 23K [TXT] Changes.20170529.txt 31-May-2017 10:01 49K [TXT] Changes.20170601.txt 02-Jun-2017 13:32 128K [TXT] Changes.20170602.txt 04-Jun-2017 12:50 18K [TXT] Changes.20170604.txt 06-Jun-2017 14:42 42K [TXT] Changes.20170605.txt 07-Jun-2017 07:04 3.8K [TXT] Changes.20170607.txt 08-Jun-2017 16:33 25K [TXT] Changes.20170608.txt 09-Jun-2017 22:28 6.0K [TXT] Changes.20170609.txt 12-Jun-2017 11:30 5.6K [TXT] Changes.20170610.txt 12-Jun-2017 19:34 29K [TXT] Changes.20170612.txt 14-Jun-2017 01:21 58K [TXT] Changes.20170613.txt 15-Jun-2017 15:24 11K [TXT] Changes.20170615.txt 16-Jun-2017 11:31 29K [TXT] Changes.20170616.txt 17-Jun-2017 12:25 29K [TXT] Changes.20170617.txt 19-Jun-2017 01:00 19K [TXT] Changes.20170618.txt 19-Jun-2017 14:59 8.3K [TXT] Changes.20170619.txt 20-Jun-2017 12:35 5.0K [TXT] Changes.20170620.txt 22-Jun-2017 02:05 31K [TXT] Changes.20170622.txt 23-Jun-2017 14:59 12K [TXT] Changes.20170625.txt 26-Jun-2017 17:34 27K [TXT] Changes.20170626.txt 27-Jun-2017 11:41 1.6K [TXT] Changes.20170628.txt 29-Jun-2017 22:27 55K [TXT] Changes.20170629.txt 30-Jun-2017 23:23 11K [TXT] Changes.20170630.txt 01-Jul-2017 18:43 20K [TXT] Changes.20170701.txt 02-Jul-2017 15:15 443 [TXT] Changes.20170702.txt 03-Jul-2017 12:05 17K [TXT] Changes.20170703.txt 04-Jul-2017 07:50 857 [TXT] Changes.20170704.txt 06-Jul-2017 11:04 102K [TXT] Changes.20170706.txt 07-Jul-2017 13:01 36K [TXT] Changes.20170707.txt 08-Jul-2017 14:35 11K [TXT] Changes.20170708.txt 09-Jul-2017 19:51 59K [TXT] Changes.20170709.txt 10-Jul-2017 12:44 530 [TXT] Changes.20170710.txt 11-Jul-2017 08:37 7.7K [TXT] Changes.20170712.txt 14-Jul-2017 09:09 30K [TXT] Changes.20170722.txt 23-Jul-2017 20:48 106K [TXT] Changes.20170723.txt 24-Jul-2017 11:14 5.4K [TXT] Changes.20170724.txt 25-Jul-2017 11:33 18K [TXT] Changes.20170725.txt 26-Jul-2017 10:41 45K [TXT] Changes.20170726.txt 27-Jul-2017 16:19 7.6K [TXT] Changes.20170728.txt 29-Jul-2017 13:29 10K [TXT] Changes.20170729.txt 30-Jul-2017 15:11 27K [TXT] Changes.20170730.txt 31-Jul-2017 22:55 25K [TXT] Changes.20170801.txt 02-Aug-2017 13:03 4.5K [TXT] Changes.20170802.txt 04-Aug-2017 00:52 5.3K [TXT] Changes.20170804.txt 05-Aug-2017 16:52 6.4K [TXT] Changes.20170806.txt 08-Aug-2017 12:19 12K [TXT] Changes.20170808.txt 09-Aug-2017 13:22 16K [TXT] Changes.20170810.txt 12-Aug-2017 10:55 86K [TXT] Changes.20170815.txt 16-Aug-2017 15:12 26K [TXT] Changes.20170816.txt 17-Aug-2017 13:01 4.2K [TXT] Changes.20170817.txt 19-Aug-2017 00:45 15K [TXT] Changes.20170819.txt 21-Aug-2017 11:12 16K [TXT] Changes.20170821.txt 22-Aug-2017 12:15 10K [TXT] Changes.20170822.txt 23-Aug-2017 13:38 5.9K [TXT] Changes.20170823.txt 25-Aug-2017 12:14 11K [TXT] Changes.20170825.txt 27-Aug-2017 18:10 189K [TXT] Changes.20170830.txt 02-Sep-2017 00:52 77K [TXT] Changes.20170831.txt 04-Sep-2017 16:47 3.6K [TXT] Changes.20170904.txt 05-Sep-2017 16:29 35K [TXT] Changes.20170905.txt 07-Sep-2017 21:40 26K [TXT] Changes.20170907.txt 09-Sep-2017 02:57 71K [TXT] Changes.20170908.txt 10-Sep-2017 03:04 11K [TXT] Changes.20170909.txt 11-Sep-2017 15:32 9.6K [TXT] Changes.20170911.txt 13-Sep-2017 15:42 952K [TXT] Changes.20170913.txt 15-Sep-2017 00:48 1.0M [TXT] Changes.20170924.txt 25-Sep-2017 15:40 144K [TXT] Changes.20170925.txt 27-Sep-2017 12:31 36K [TXT] Changes.20170927.txt 28-Sep-2017 22:37 7.5K [TXT] Changes.20170928.txt 29-Sep-2017 13:27 38K [TXT] Changes.20170929.txt 01-Oct-2017 18:11 33K [TXT] Changes.20171001.txt 03-Oct-2017 11:00 5.5K [TXT] Changes.20171003.txt 05-Oct-2017 18:30 29K [TXT] Changes.20171005.txt 06-Oct-2017 16:53 9.5K [TXT] Changes.20171006.txt 07-Oct-2017 12:45 31K [TXT] Changes.20171007.txt 09-Oct-2017 09:48 18K [TXT] Changes.20171009.txt 10-Oct-2017 23:15 169K [TXT] Changes.20171010.txt 11-Oct-2017 23:13 36K [TXT] Changes.20171013.txt 17-Oct-2017 13:52 36K [TXT] Changes.20171017.txt 18-Oct-2017 13:39 10K [TXT] Changes.20171018.txt 19-Oct-2017 23:22 26K [TXT] Changes.20171019.txt 21-Oct-2017 01:37 3.8K [TXT] Changes.20171022.txt 24-Oct-2017 12:50 24K [TXT] Changes.20171023.txt 25-Oct-2017 11:48 109K [TXT] Changes.20171025.txt 27-Oct-2017 07:44 22K [TXT] Changes.20171026.txt 27-Oct-2017 17:10 15K [TXT] Changes.20171027.txt 28-Oct-2017 22:01 54K [TXT] Changes.20171028.txt 29-Oct-2017 21:23 43K [TXT] Changes.20171029.txt 31-Oct-2017 07:45 1.5K [TXT] Changes.20171030.txt 31-Oct-2017 17:52 7.5K [TXT] Changes.20171031.txt 01-Nov-2017 15:59 8.7K [TXT] Changes.20171101.txt 02-Nov-2017 15:17 5.5K [TXT] Changes.20171102.txt 03-Nov-2017 21:15 55K [TXT] Changes.20171104.txt 07-Nov-2017 09:49 123K [TXT] Changes.20171107.txt 08-Nov-2017 18:21 67K [TXT] Changes.20171108.txt 10-Nov-2017 00:13 7.8K [TXT] Changes.20171109.txt 10-Nov-2017 20:56 24K [TXT] Changes.20171111.txt 13-Nov-2017 00:21 37K [TXT] Changes.20171112.txt 13-Nov-2017 13:23 42K [TXT] Changes.20171113.txt 14-Nov-2017 18:03 1.6K [TXT] Changes.20171114.txt 15-Nov-2017 16:01 35K [TXT] Changes.20171115.txt 16-Nov-2017 14:15 5.3K [TXT] Changes.20171116.txt 17-Nov-2017 14:32 922K [TXT] Changes.20171117.txt 18-Nov-2017 02:28 1.1M [TXT] Changes.20171120.txt 22-Nov-2017 01:18 15K [TXT] Changes.20171121.txt 22-Nov-2017 13:18 17K [TXT] Changes.20171122.txt 23-Nov-2017 13:26 1.4K [TXT] Changes.20171123.txt 24-Nov-2017 12:28 17K [TXT] Changes.20171125.txt 26-Nov-2017 03:44 17K [TXT] Changes.20171129.txt 30-Nov-2017 17:04 26K [TXT] Changes.20171201.txt 02-Dec-2017 13:44 61K [TXT] Changes.20171202.txt 03-Dec-2017 16:54 5.8K [TXT] Changes.20171203.txt 04-Dec-2017 13:44 19K [TXT] Changes.20171204.txt 05-Dec-2017 09:19 14K [TXT] Changes.20171205.txt 06-Dec-2017 17:49 23K [TXT] Changes.20171206.txt 07-Dec-2017 18:45 76K [TXT] Changes.20171210.txt 12-Dec-2017 12:07 131K [TXT] Changes.20171211.txt 12-Dec-2017 18:03 1.8K [TXT] Changes.20171212.txt 13-Dec-2017 15:50 13K [TXT] Changes.20171213.txt 14-Dec-2017 12:12 6.2K [TXT] Changes.20171214.txt 15-Dec-2017 23:24 14K [TXT] Changes.20171215.txt 17-Dec-2017 12:35 37K [TXT] Changes.20171216.txt 18-Dec-2017 11:12 7.5K [TXT] Changes.20171218.txt 19-Dec-2017 20:06 88K [TXT] Changes.20171220.txt 21-Dec-2017 12:34 77K [TXT] Changes.20171222.txt 23-Dec-2017 14:41 28K [TXT] Changes.20171223.txt 29-Dec-2017 11:39 50K [TXT] Changes.20171228.txt 29-Dec-2017 19:52 2.8K [TXT] Changes.20171229.txt 31-Dec-2017 11:27 23K [TXT] Changes.20171230.txt 01-Jan-2018 07:32 7.8K [TXT] Changes.20171231.txt 02-Jan-2018 00:33 14K

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