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Contents of README:
Patches for version 6.3a of Vim - Vi IMproved

The files in this directory contain source code changes to fix
problems in unstable versions of Vim.  Each file also contains an
explanation of the problem that is fixed, like the message that
was sent to the vim-dev maillist.

The best is to apply the patches in sequence.  This avoids problems
when a patch depends on a previous patch.  If you did not unpack the
extra archive, you may want to skip patches marked with "extra:".
Similarly for the "lang" archive.

Before patching, change to the top Vim directory, where the "src"
and "runtime" directories are located.
Depending on the version of "patch" that you use, you may have add
an argument to make it patch the right file:
        patch -p < 6.3a.001
        patch -p0 < 6.3a.001

After applying a patch, you need to compile Vim.  There are no
patches for binaries.

  2219  6.3a.001  Win32: detecting whether diff accepts --binary fails
  2138  6.3a.002  NetBeans: crash when inserting text beyond last line
  5059  6.3a.003  E315 error when auto-formatting comments
  2635  6.3a.004  test32 fails with DJGPP version on MS-Windows XP
  2970  6.3a.005  ":searchpath!" does not use 'includeexpr'
  1339  6.3a.006  "yip" doesn't move the cursor to the first column
  4883  6.3a.007  'cindent' doesn't recognize "typedef enum"
  8872  6.3a.008  (extra) Win32: some wide functions don't work on Windows 98
  4506  6.3a.009  Win32: completion wrong if 'encoding' not active codepage
 13728  6.3a.010  (extra) Win32: not all Unicode chars work in window title
  6450  6.3a.011  using the explorer plugin a local directory may be lost
  4925  6.3a.012  (extra) installer on Windows 98 fails; default path wrong
  9064  6.3a.013  (extra) Win32: menu text wrong if 'encoding' not active CP
  3433  6.3a.014  multi-byte text and highlighting in 'statusline' gives gaps
  5762  6.3a.015  "select all" menu item breaks 'im'; can't abandon a buffer
  1533  6.3a.016  GUI: redraw error after cancelling a dialog
  2810  6.3a.017  serverlist() doesn't work with "vim -X"
  1777  6.3a.018  (after 6.3a.017) compiler warning for return type
  7790  6.3a.019  (extra) Win32: can't type non-latin1 characters
 47060  6.3a.020  (extra) Amiga GUI isn't working, AROS support is missing
  1743  6.3a.021  (after 6.3a.017) can't compile with X11 but without GUI
  3693  6.3a.022  when 'list' is set 'softtabstop' counts a Tab for 2 spaces
  6694  6.3a.023  custom completion doesn't handle backslashes correctly
 23700  6.3a.024  "save all" toolbar item fails if buffer has no name
  1859  6.3a.025  setting 'virtualedit' moves the cursor
  5860  6.3a.026  (extra, after 6.3a.008) can't edit on Win 98 if 'enc' "utf-8"
  2056  6.3a.027  (extra, after 6.3a.027) warning for char/short mixup
  1628  6.3a.028  ":normal ." doesn't work inside a function.

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[DIR] Parent Directory - [TXT] 6.3a.001 07-May-2004 12:32 2.2K [TXT] 6.3a.002 07-May-2004 17:15 2.1K [TXT] 6.3a.003 08-May-2004 12:32 4.9K [TXT] 6.3a.004 08-May-2004 16:46 2.6K [TXT] 6.3a.005 08-May-2004 21:53 2.9K [TXT] 6.3a.006 08-May-2004 22:18 1.3K [TXT] 6.3a.007 10-May-2004 12:50 4.8K [TXT] 6.3a.008 11-May-2004 17:56 8.7K [TXT] 6.3a.009 11-May-2004 19:48 4.4K [TXT] 6.3a.010 11-May-2004 22:33 13K [TXT] 6.3a.011 12-May-2004 14:13 6.3K [TXT] 6.3a.012 12-May-2004 14:18 4.8K [TXT] 6.3a.013 12-May-2004 17:25 8.9K [TXT] 6.3a.014 12-May-2004 17:30 3.4K [TXT] 6.3a.015 12-May-2004 17:34 5.6K [TXT] 6.3a.016 12-May-2004 18:27 1.5K [TXT] 6.3a.017 12-May-2004 20:55 2.7K [   ] 6.3a.018 12-May-2004 21:57 1.7K [TXT] 6.3a.019 13-May-2004 14:36 7.6K [   ] 6.3a.020 13-May-2004 15:16 46K [TXT] 6.3a.021 14-May-2004 12:46 1.7K [TXT] 6.3a.022 14-May-2004 12:52 3.6K [TXT] 6.3a.023 14-May-2004 16:12 6.5K [TXT] 6.3a.024 14-May-2004 16:24 23K [TXT] 6.3a.025 15-May-2004 12:24 1.8K [TXT] 6.3a.026 15-May-2004 17:10 5.7K [TXT] 6.3a.027 15-May-2004 22:09 2.0K [TXT] 6.3a.028 16-May-2004 13:28 1.6K [TXT] README 16-May-2004 13:28 2.8K

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