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Contents of README:
Patches for Vim - Vi IMproved 7.2b

The files in this directory contain source code changes to fix
problems in released versions of Vim.  Each file also contains an
explanation of the problem that is fixed, like the message that
was sent to the vim-dev maillist.

The best is to apply the patches in sequence.  This avoids problems
when a patch depends on a previous patch.  If you did not unpack the
extra archive, you may want to skip patches marked with "extra:".
Similarly for the "lang" archive.

Before patching, change to the top Vim directory, where the "src"
and "runtime" directories are located.
Depending on the version of "patch" that you use, you may have add
an argument to make it patch the right file:
        patch -p < 7.2b.001
        patch -p0 < 7.2b.001

After applying a patch, you need to compile Vim.  There are no
patches for binaries.

Checksums for the patch files can be found in the file MD5.

Individual patches for Vim 7.2b:

  2113  7.2b.001  mb_fix_col() missing with some combination of features
  2371  7.2b.002  compiler warnings for signed/unsigned mismatch
  1642  7.2b.003  still compilation problem, check_col() + check_row() missing
  3944  7.2b.004  ":helpgrep" may try to free memory for a static string
  3465  7.2b.005  shellescape() doesn't take care of "!" and "\n"
  1288  7.2b.006  using unsafe temp file when running configure
  1703  7.2b.007  part of a message cannot be translated
  4078  7.2b.008  a few filetypes are not detected or not detected properly
  1751  7.2b.009  trying to read past end of screenline
  4327  7.2b.010  ":mksession" doesn't work for some unusual mappings
  2906  7.2b.011  include file in compiler command when configuring for TCL
  1764  7.2b.012  build failure with +multi_byte but without +diff
  3048  7.2b.013  build fails with tiny features and Perl or Python
  4045  7.2b.014  configure uses an unsafe temp file to store commands
  2396  7.2b.015  build failure on Mac when using Aap
  4870  7.2b.016  build fails with normal features but without +autocmd
  2898  7.2b.017  "vim -O foo foo" results in only one window
  8321  7.2b.018  cmdline completion on shell cmd fails on file containing '!'
 11142  7.2b.019  (extra) Win32: Various compiler warnings
  4478  7.2b.020  ":sort n" doesn't handle negative numbers
  1536  7.2b.021  reloading doesn't read the BOM correctly
  2496  7.2b.022  operator count lost using ":normal" while updating statusline
  3363  7.2b.023  crash when using the result of synstack(0,0)
  4182  7.2b.024  ":gui" with netrw plugin causes a delay in display updating
  5109  7.2b.025  when the CursorHold event triggers a pending count is lost
  1783  7.2b.026  GTK 2 file chooser causes significant slowdown
  1366  7.2b.027  memory leak for script command with end marker
  1803  7.2b.028  reading uninitialized memory when doing ":gui -f"
  2977  7.2b.029  ":help a" doesn't jump to *a* tag in docs
  3087  7.2b.030  when changing t_Co Visual highlighting isn't right

Icon  Name                               Last modified      Size  
[DIR] Parent Directory - [TXT] 7.2b.001 14-Jul-2008 11:54 2.1K [TXT] 7.2b.002 14-Jul-2008 19:51 2.3K [TXT] 7.2b.003 14-Jul-2008 21:48 1.6K [TXT] 7.2b.004 14-Jul-2008 23:05 3.9K [TXT] 7.2b.005 16-Jul-2008 22:43 3.4K [TXT] 7.2b.006 18-Jul-2008 11:26 1.3K [TXT] 7.2b.007 18-Jul-2008 12:05 1.7K [   ] 7.2b.008 18-Jul-2008 12:55 4.0K [TXT] 7.2b.009 18-Jul-2008 17:12 1.7K [TXT] 7.2b.010 22-Jul-2008 18:59 4.2K [   ] 7.2b.011 24-Jul-2008 13:21 2.8K [TXT] 7.2b.012 24-Jul-2008 13:51 1.7K [TXT] 7.2b.013 24-Jul-2008 14:54 3.0K [TXT] 7.2b.014 24-Jul-2008 16:24 4.0K [   ] 7.2b.015 24-Jul-2008 17:20 2.3K [TXT] 7.2b.016 24-Jul-2008 18:45 4.8K [TXT] 7.2b.017 24-Jul-2008 19:34 2.8K [TXT] 7.2b.018 24-Jul-2008 20:29 8.1K [   ] 7.2b.019 24-Jul-2008 20:50 11K [TXT] 7.2b.020 24-Jul-2008 21:30 4.4K [TXT] 7.2b.021 24-Jul-2008 22:09 1.5K [TXT] 7.2b.022 26-Jul-2008 16:05 2.4K [TXT] 7.2b.023 27-Jul-2008 15:57 3.3K [TXT] 7.2b.024 29-Jul-2008 12:22 4.1K [TXT] 7.2b.025 31-Jul-2008 22:04 5.0K [TXT] 7.2b.026 31-Jul-2008 22:30 1.7K [TXT] 7.2b.027 06-Aug-2008 14:19 1.3K [TXT] 7.2b.028 06-Aug-2008 14:38 1.8K [TXT] 7.2b.029 06-Aug-2008 15:03 2.9K [TXT] 7.2b.030 06-Aug-2008 15:29 3.0K [   ] MD5 06-Aug-2008 15:29 1.5K [   ] MD5SUMS 06-Aug-2008 15:29 1.3K [TXT] README 06-Aug-2008 15:29 2.9K

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