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Contents of README:
Patches for Vim - Vi IMproved 7.4a

The files in this directory contain source code changes to fix
problems in released versions of Vim.  Each file also contains an
explanation of the problem that is fixed, like the message that
was sent to the vim-dev maillist.

The best is to apply the patches in sequence.  This avoids problems
when a patch depends on a previous patch.  If you did not unpack the
extra archive, you may want to skip patches marked with "(extra)".
Similarly for the "lang" archive.  Or ignore errors for missing files.

Before patching, change to the top Vim directory, where the "src"
and "runtime" directories are located.
Depending on the version of "patch" that you use, you may have add
an argument to make it patch the right file:
        patch -p < 7.4a.001
        patch -p0 < 7.4a.001

After applying a patch, you need to compile Vim.  There are no
patches for binaries.

Checksums for the patch files can be found in the file MD5.

Individual patches for Vim 7.4a:

  2475  7.4a.001  script to update syntax menu is outdated
  1679  7.4a.002  valgrind errors in test 89
  2995  7.4a.003  copyright year is outdated
  1447  7.4a.004  MSVC 2012 Update 3 is not recognized
  8522  7.4a.005  scroll binding causes unexpected scroll
  1798  7.4a.006  failure in po file check goes unnoticed
  2198  7.4a.007  after "g$" with 'virtualedit' set, "k" moves to other col
  2134  7.4a.008  Python 3 handles characters wrong when 'enc' is not utf-8
  2847  7.4a.009  compiler warnings for function prototypes
  5723  7.4a.010  test 86 and 87 fail when 3 and using a static python library
  3195  7.4a.011  configure check for Python 3 config name isn't right
  2103  7.4a.012  "make test" fails when using a shadow directory
  3367  7.4a.013  with 'conceal' alignment after Tab depends on 'lbr'
  6331  7.4a.014  test 86 and 89 have a problem with using a shadow dir
 45862  7.4a.015  missing Japanese man pages
  4443  7.4a.016  uncommented features in Makefile
  1620  7.4a.017  using ">>" on a line just above fold may fold the cursor line
  2206  7.4a.018  compiler warning for code unreachable
  4340  7.4a.019  test 62 has command truncated at double quote
  2164  7.4a.020  superfluous mb_ptr_adv()
  1401  7.4a.021  using feedkeys() doesn't always work
  1779  7.4a.022  using "d2g$" does not delete the last character
  1898  7.4a.023  still another superfluous parenthesis
  2010  7.4a.024  X11 GUI: Checking icon height twice
  1552  7.4a.025  get the press-Enter prompt even after using :redraw
  2479  7.4a.026  ":diffoff" does not remove folds
  6073  7.4a.027  ml_get errors when Python adds lines to another buffer
  2046  7.4a.028  crash when spell checking in new buffer
  5888  7.4a.029  can't build with MzScheme on Ubuntu 13.04
  2765  7.4a.030  (after 7.4a.027) missing find_win_for_buf()
  3167  7.4a.031  compiler warnings
  5381  7.4a.032  new regexp engine: Does not match shorter alternative
  2969  7.4a.033  test 98 always passes
  2393  7.4a.034  tabline may flicker when opening a new tab on Win32
  2044  7.4a.035  fix in patch 7.4a.032 is not tested
  5488  7.4a.036  "\p" in a regexp does not match double-width characters
  3539  7.4a.037  Win32: mouse not unhidden when in the toolbar or tabline
  6396  7.4a.038  GUI size computations wrong When using MSVC 2012
  4030  7.4a.039  new regexp engine doesn't match pattern
  2300  7.4a.040  Win32: using uninitialized variable
  7132  7.4a.041  When using ":new ++ff=unix" 'ff' may still be set to "dos"
  3488  7.4a.042  crash when BufUnload autocommands close all buffers
 11549  7.4a.043  more ml_get errors when adding or deleting lines from Python
  2231  7.4a.044  test 96 sometimes fails
 26532  7.4a.045  configure does not find Lua library, missing LuaJit support
  1383  7.4a.046  can't build without mbyte feature
  3147  7.4a.047  some comments are not so nice

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