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X-Windows text editors
emacs versions, clones, and Lisp extensions
editors for the console or a terminal emulator
editors that don't require X or terminal emulation
various vi clones
Tk-Workspace-1.72.tar.gz (LSM entry) 2001-08-01
A Perl/Tk library that creates persistent text editor/note/shell/terminal windows on X displays. (54255 bytes)
Workspace-1.58.tar.gz (LSM entry) 2000-12-03
A Perl/Tk library that creates persistent text editor/A Perl/Tk library that creates persistent text editor/ (45285 bytes)
biew-5.3.0.tar.gz (LSM entry) 2001-11-09
BIEW (Binary vIEW) is a free, portable, advanced viewer of binary files with built-in editor for binary, hexadecimal and disassembler modes. (599014 bytes)
bvi-1.3.0.src.tar.gz (LSM entry) 2000-10-25
BVI is an editor for binary files using common vi - commands and additional commands for binary search and substitution binary editor (147282 bytes)
cbtcombo-0.1.1.bin.tar.gz (LSM entry) 2004-03-19
CBT Combo is a combination authoring and playback program (538858 bytes)
cbtcombo-0.1.1.md5 (LSM entry) 2004-03-19
for courses of instruction.CBT Combo is a combination authoring and playback program (60 bytes)
cswap-0.2.tgz (LSM entry) 2003-09-20
A filter that randomly swaps all characters in words (10343 bytes)
editcompressedfile.gz (LSM entry) 2001-03-10
a script which makes it easy to edit compressed files (2619 bytes)
editdosfile.gz (LSM entry) 2001-03-10
a script which makes it easy to edit DOS text files (2661 bytes)
jedstate-0.5.1.tar.gz (LSM entry) 1999-07-22
Jedstate is some sort of an extended mind for John E. Davis' splendid text editor jed. (16415 bytes)
mined-2000.15.tar.gz (LSM entry) 2009-04-25
A text mode editor with extensive Unicode and CJK encoding support. (4238603 bytes)
mse-2.0.2.tar.bz2 (LSM entry) 2007-06-25
A multi stream editor (mse) can perform basic text transformations on an input stream. (57531 bytes)
nano-1.0.2.tar.gz (LSM entry) 2001-05-16
Pico editor clone with enhancements. (375852 bytes)
ped-0.1.2.tar.gz (LSM entry) 1999-07-09
A text editor with an emacs/vi-like user interface written in perl for easy customization. (17972 bytes)
promod-plus-l-4.2.3.md5 (LSM entry) 2003-09-19
in a textfile, except the first and last character in (58 bytes)
promod-plus-l-4.2.3.tar (LSM entry) 2003-09-17
Case Tool for several Parts of the Life Cycle. (16977920 bytes)
sue-10.4.tgz (LSM entry) 2010-04-08
Linux text console editor (858162 bytes)
workspace-1.30.tar.gz (LSM entry) 2000-08-27
A Perl/Tk library that creates simple text editor/ note windows on the X display (31212 bytes)
zed-1.0.3.tar.gz (LSM entry) 1998-03-28
powerful, multipurpose, configurable Text Editor (172995 bytes)

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