Index of /public/ftp/pub/Linux/devel/lang/pascal

../                      Parent directory
!INDEX.html              Long index format
gpc-2.0.i486-linux.tar.gz gpc with borland extentions
gpc-2.0.tar.gz           gpc with borland extentions
gpc1.1p2.bin.tar.gz      gnu's pascal compiler
ipl-110.tar.gz           Standard Pascal compiler/interpreter
pcc-1.3.tar.gz           front end pseudo compiler for p2c translator, analogous to f77 for f2c
ptoc_3.34.tar.gz         ANSI/Turbo Pascal to C/C++ converter with BGI graphics emulation
turbo-1.0-gpc-1.1p2-linuxelf.tar.gz gpc with borland extentions

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