2006 Suzanne awards nominees

All videos are encoded using the xvid codec which you can download here if you don't have it.

Best online art gallery

enricoceric (Enrico Cerica)

Ecks (Jean-Sébastien Guillemette)

Backiz (Eric Wessels)

dannybear (Daniel Svavarsson)

olaf (Olaf Arnold)

Best character animation

LGM (Nathan Dunlap) - Private Bob Episode 1 (0:01:06 9.2mb)

pine (Mats Holmberg) - Home sweet home (0:03:05 18.1mb)

BenDansie (Ben Dansie)- DrCox (0:00:54 4.6mb)

Sago (Sacha Goedegebure) - Man in Man (0:01:57 13.3mb)

Virgillio - Animacao Sapo (0:00:11 2.0mb)

Best Animation, original idea or story

Klepoth (Peter Hertzberg) - Mental Flesh (0:11:46 93.4mb)

MadMesh - Asylum (0:04:09 39.7mb)

OTO - Nocturnes (0:04:02 27.5mb)

rocketman (Sam Brubaker) - Infinitum (0:01:17 7.9mb)

Tagyn (Laurent) - The ogre, the wolf, the little girl, and the cake (0:05:27 50.9mb)