Index of /public/ftp/pub/Linux/apps/sound/cdrom

What you'll find here: programs to play and manipulate audio CD's

Some of these player programs have track-database capabilities as well.

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CD players with X interfaces
CD players with command-line interfaces
curses-based CD players
XCDC-1~1.GZ (LSM entry) 1996-12-09
Motif-based program to automate CD swapping on a system with a multi-disc changer (916143 bytes)
XCDC-1~1.LSM (LSM entry) 1996-12-09
cdda2wav-1.0c.tar.gz (LSM entry) 1999-02-11
converts audio CD tracks to .wav (227138 bytes)
cdjukebox-0.5.tgz (LSM entry) 1999-07-14
linux' only multi-drive CD player (15172 bytes)
cdlabel-1.1.tar.gz (LSM entry) 1998-01-13
X11 (Qt) based audio CD insert creator (149180 bytes)
cdloop-1.2.tar.gz (LSM entry) 1999-06-06
audio-CD-player with looping capabilities intended to aid transcription (41510 bytes)
cdrip-0.4.tar.gz (LSM entry) 1998-10-18
Script to automate ripping of audio cds and encoding them (12480 bytes)
cdromclose_0c.tar.gz (LSM entry) 1998-06-05
opens and closes cdrom trays and ejects scsi caddies (9403 bytes)
cdshuffle-1.2.tgz (LSM entry) 1997-12-09
plays audio CD tracks in random order, with support for CD changers (5643 bytes)
dagrab-0.3.5.tar.gz (LSM entry) 2000-02-19
reads digital audio from CD and puts it on wav files (22209 bytes)
demcd-2.1.0.tar.gz (LSM entry) 1999-09-29
Console CDPlayer for linux ONLY (62171 bytes)
gcd-0.1b.tar.gz (LSM entry) 1998-06-02
audio/cd player with ncurses interface (23659 bytes)
jcd-1.2.tar.gz (LSM entry) 2000-04-23
programmable Java CD player with artist/title/track database (97972 bytes)
mcd-0.3d-bin.ELF.static.tar.gz.tar.gz 2001-08-06
programs to play and manipulate audio CD's (10112 bytes)
mcd-0.3d.tar.gz 2001-08-06
programs to play and manipulate audio CD's (21086 bytes)
musicCDcover-1.0.tgz (LSM entry) 2000-01-30
musicCDcover generates cut-out sheets for a CD jewel box (285806 bytes)
project.dynamic.mp3 (LSM entry) 1999-02-04
Real time audio mastering of CDDA to hard drive or sound driver (379488 bytes)
qCd-0.75.tgz (LSM entry) 1997-11-05
CDROM player, based on qt library (494271 bytes)
shuffle-1.0.tgz (LSM entry) 1996-12-18
plays cd tracks and CDs in random order (5010 bytes)
tcdr-2.1.tar.gz (LSM entry) 2002-12-05
TCDR is a menu-driven console frontend for CD recording (56701 bytes)
wdbinfo-1.0.tar.gz (LSM entry) 1997-03-21
extract info from a workman database file (6509 bytes)
wmcd-0.8.tar.gz (LSM entry) 1997-11-26
cd player designed for afterstep/windowmaker (36802 bytes)
xcdc-1.0.tar.gz (LSM entry) 1997-03-14
automate CD swapping and re-mounting on a system with a multi-disc changer (916143 bytes)
xltcdplay-1.7.patch1.tar.gz 1997-04-22
patch for xltcdplay (2748 bytes)

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