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53c400.tar.gz            53c400 (T130B) Scsi patches
AM53C974-0.3.tgz         alpha SCSI driver for the AM53C974 and AM79C974 PCI chips
BusLogic-1.2.0.tar.gz    improved BusLogic driver for 1.2.x kernels
BusLogic-1.3.0.tar.gz    imporved BusLogic driver for 1.3.x kernels (in 1.3.42 already)
Linux-1.0.T130B-interrupts.patch adds NCR53C400 SCSI support to NCR5380 code
adaptec-40XX-1.02.tar.gz Kernel patch (against 2.0.38) that allows use of old SCSI-I to MFM/RLL disk bridge board with Linux SCSI.
adaptec-40XX.tar.gz      driver for Adaptec acb-40XX SCSI MFM/RLL bridge board
aic7xxx-1.1.30.patch     adds AIC7xxx chipset support to 1.3.0
al500-0.2.tar.gz         driver for Always Technolgies Al-500 card
dc390-1.11.gz            Drivers for the Tekram DC390 PCI host adapters
dpt_EATA_0.3a.kernel     kernel image w/ dpt support
dpt_EATA_0.3a.tgz        driver for EATA compliant SCSI drivers
initioscsi-1.0.tar.gz    2.0.32(redhat) and 2.0.33(vanilla) Initio 9100 Scsi patch
iomega_pc2-1.1.x.tar.gz  IOMEGA PC2/2B SCSI Driver
isp1020-0.5.gz           QLogic ISP1020 PCI SCSI Driver (ALPHA)
linux-1.1.90+aha249x-patch.gz patch of the driver for Adaptec aha249x SCSI boards
ncr53c406-0.12.patch.gz  Acculogic ISApport and NCR53c406a SCSI driver
ncrBsd2Linux-1.16e-src.tar.gz FreeBSD NCR810 SCSI driver ported to Linux
scsi-changer-0.13.tar.gz SCSI Media Changer (Jukebox) device driver
scsi-idle-2.4.19.tar.gz  Small programs to start and stop SCSI disks.
t130b.pat                Patch to Linux 1.1.49+ for 53c400/t130b scsi

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