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What you'll find here: possible Linux 95 logos

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Linux_95_clear.gif (LSM entry) (README) 28Feb95
raytraced suggestions for Linux 95 (375788 bytes)
Linux_95_red.gif (LSM entry) (README) 28Feb95
variation on Linux_95_clear (381546 bytes)
linux95.gif (README) 28Feb95
simple gif (6327 bytes)
linux_logo_Albion.jpg 2Mar95
3d raytraced logo (242729 bytes) (README) 28Feb95
simple Linux-95 postscript (305 bytes) (README) 28Feb95
another triangle variation (2195 bytes) (README) 28Feb95
a variation on the triangle logo (1545 bytes) (README) 28Feb95
a few different proposed logos (26646 bytes)

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