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What you'll find here: various renderings and mutations of the `official' Linux 2.0 penguin

The `official' Linux 2.0 penguin lives at

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Penguins-linux_inside.gif (LSM entry) 1999-09-17
Seven Penguins ... (12994 bytes)
happypenguin.jpg (LSM entry) 1999-03-13
The Penguin...Consuming mass quantities (22161 bytes)
linux-w-penguin.gif (LSM entry) 1999-06-10
mutations of the `official' Linux 2.0 pengui (4985 bytes)
linux_logo-3.04.tar.gz (LSM entry) (LSM entry) 2000-02-01
ANSI Color Penguin Logo that can be run at bootup (55210 bytes)
linux_logo-4.01.tar.gz (LSM entry) (LSM entry) 2002-02-14
ANSI Color Penguin Logo that can be run at bootup (83201 bytes)
linuxbeer.gif (LSM entry) 1997-06-09
ray-traced GIF of beer bottle floating with Linux penguin on it (81895 bytes)
linuxnow.jpg (LSM entry) 1997-05-20
"Linux NOW!" logo similar to "Netscape NOW!" (4107 bytes)
linxpeng.png (LSM entry) 1996-05-12
Linux - it's not just for penguins anymore (28842 bytes)
logo_ascii.tar (LSM entry) 1996-07-24
GIF, PBM, PostScript, and ASCII line-art penguins (204800 bytes)
raytux.jpg (LSM entry) 1999-05-14
A raytraced version of Tux done with Povray (19976 bytes)

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