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Contents of README:
This is version 1.2 PL1 (patchlevel 1) of the tin newsreader.

o  Compiles & runs on Unix, AmigaDOS & OS/2 (Not finished).
o  Based more on Notes and tass than rn type newreaders.
o  Full screen, easy to use with on-line help at all levels.
o  Reads news locally (ie. /usr/spool/news) and/or via NNTP/INN/CD-ROM.
o  Supports the XOVER news overview index file standard.
o  Threads on Subject: and/or Archive-name: mail headers.
o  Five different operating levels:
   -  Spooldir selection level (CD-ROM only)
   -  Group selection level
   -  Thread selection level
   -  Article selection level
   -  Article viewer
o  Same interface to mail, pipe, print and save articles.
o  Auto unpacking of multi-part shar & uuencoded articles.
o  Killing and auto-selection (hot) of articles.
o  History of user posted articles.
o  Reposting of articles from one newsgroup to another.
o  Batch mode to mail/save new news when user is on holiday.
o  Random signature generator on a per newsgroup basis.
o  Builtin NNTP mini-inews & clientlib.c
o  NNTP extensions XINDEX, XMOTD & XUSER to allow better admin.


Major improvements over tin 1.2 PL0 are the following:

o  Added support for ATT 3b2/400 machines.
o  Added support for DDE Supermax machines.
o  Added support for DEC Alpha OSF/1 machines.
o  Added support for Mips & CDC EPIX machines.
o  Added support for QNX machines.
o  Added some support for OS/2 machines.
o  Added more support for Apollo machines.
o  Added more support for BSDI machines.
o  Added more support for Convex machines.
o  Added more support for SysVR4 machines.
o  Added Xref: processing to mark crossposted articles as read.
o  Added Lines: number to thread level screen.
o  Added -DNOVROOTDIR to allow other than newsspool dir for NOV index files.
o  Added -DNNTP_ABLE as default for machines that have net code in libc.
o  Added article posting checks.
o  Added formatting of editor string for more flexibility.
o  Added better documentation for configuring tind to INSTALL document.
o  Added support for the poll() syscall if on SysV for aborting indexing.
o  Changed -M cmd line option so that -c catchup must be expicitly specified.
o  Changed check for newsgroups on local news machine to use faster algorithm.
o  Fixed saving with regex pattern that caused SIGSEGV.
o  Fixed 'g'oto group when new groupname longer than all other groups.
o  Fixed user aborting of article indexing at lower levels.
o  Fixed builtin inews to add '.' to lines beginning with a '.'.
o  Fixed not finding first few articles when reading via nntp.
o  Fixed config error for include files <sys/time.h> <sys/times.h>.
o  Fixed builtin inews to check for LIBDIR/[sitename|mailname] files.
o  Fixed builtin inews to handle &'s correctly in /etc/passwd file.
o  Fixed typo's in the install rules of the Makefile.
o  Fixed setup_base() which was being called twice when reading tin indexes.
o  Fixed get_archive_file() to use opendir()/closedir() dir routines.


For info. about the AmigaDOS port read the README.AMI file.

For info. about the OS/2 port read the README.OS2 file.

For compilation and installation information read the INSTALL file.

For more bug fixes, changes & additions read the CHANGES & TODO files.

For info. about my NNTP patches read the README.NNTP & INSTALL.NNTP files.

For ftp & non-ftp source & binary availability read the FTP file.

For an internal overview of tin read the HACKERS file.


I wish to thank all the people that sent me bug fixes and comments
(especially Herman ten Brugge, Clifton Royston & Andreas Wrede).
I still want to hear of any bug reports, gripes and comments but 
*PLEASE* read the INSTALL, TODO and tin.1 manual page before doing 
anything :-)!.

Also please make sure you have the newest release of tin before
reporting any  problems to me.  My time is limited  and I don't
want to have to backtrack to assist with an old problem when it 
may have already been fixed in the newest release.

I read & reply to questions that are posted to news.software.readers

	Iain  (iain.lea@erlm.siemens.de)

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